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Bio-fireplace and electric fireplace: what to choose?

29 Дек 2022

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People who have nothing to do with fireplaces are interested to know what the difference is between a bio-fireplace and its electric "brother". They want to understand what is better to choose, so as not to regret the purchase and installation of this element of decor. You can learn more about the pros and cons of bio-fireplaces in this article. Below we will consider the features of devices from the brand Firezo.

Varieties of popular fireplaces

To the most popular devices, which can transmit the burning of the flame, undoubtedly include bio-fireplaces. Modern models of these devices are characterized by fire safety, for their installation it is not necessary to fill the foundation in advance, to make a chimney, they do not consume electricity. In addition, on the market there are a lot of such products, so each customer can choose something to his liking or together with the brand Firezo to create your own individual project.

At the same time, improved new generation fireplaces or electric fireplaces began to appear on the market. Everyone who has seen this product in use knows that it is easy to use, is not harmful to the environment, and can "boast" of a stylish design. In addition, such a fireplace has a live fire effect.

In addition to the fact that electric fireplaces have a decorative function, they can also work for heating. In other words, they not only decorate the room, but can also heat it. 

Fig. 1. Amalfi + Cassette 400 NH (Dimplex) fireplace set

The principle of operation of the electric fireplace is influenced by different types of this class, but it can be determined from the name - the device is powered by 220V mains.  In order for the device to start functioning, you only need to turn it on and enjoy the flames that appear on the display, equipped with backlighting.

Bio-fireplace, on the other hand, will make the house brighter because of the real fire - there is a special burner in the design, which must be filled with environmentally friendly biofuel to maintain the hearth, while there are no emissions into the environment. You can learn more about biofuels in this article.

The fuel is biological ethanol, for the use of which there is no need to install special hoods. You can use this fuel in any room, the main thing is not to forget to ventilate it.

Comparative characteristics of bio and electric fireplaces

Comparison of the parameters of these two devices is carried out according to the following parameters:

  1. Both types of fireplaces economically consume electricity and biofuel. Here everything depends on the intensity of operation.
  2. Design. In terms of variety and design, there is no equal for bio-fireplace. They can be classical (imitation of a standard fireplace) and non-standard (it can be a table or a bowl with a real fire). Installation can be carried out on the floor, on the wall or even built into the cabinet furniture, the wall - there are many options.
  3. Safety. Both "fellow" are safe for use in any type of room. But if the bio-fireplace is installed low, then it is worth taking care of the protective thermal glass, so that small children and animals are not accidentally burned.
  4. Usage. Due to the fact that the bio-fireplace is a construction made of metal, it is not necessary to repair it. Electric fireplaces are electrical devices that can fail. Repairs, however, can be costly after the warranty ends.

A comparison of the characteristics of a bio-fireplace and an electric fireplace is shown in the table:

Electric Fireplace
What's needed to work
Biofuel Electricity
Reliability of use
Nothing to malfunction, unless we are talking about expensive models with electronics
There is a risk of failure of mechanical and electronic components     
Noise level
Operates silently
The fan may hum slightly during heating
Environmental friendliness
Good for the environment
No harm to the environment
Moulage with LEDs
Control type
Mechanical, higher priced models have a remote control
Mechanical or electronic, often with remote control
Sound effect
Present in many models
Mounting Permit
Not required
Not required
Outdoor and indoor
Rooms other than those with high humidity

The company Firezo offers a large range of bio-fireplaces. In addition to interesting design solutions in the execution of the devices, the company focuses on safety, quality and durability of the use of fireplaces. Fuel blocks of stainless steel, strong metal frame and black glass-stemalite, which enhances the effect of the flame - the main advantages of the brand, allowing a guarantee on all products up to 10 years.

Fig. 2. Firezo Samurai (Firezo Samurai) gift bio-fireplace

Bio-fireplaces Firezo - an Italian design with a combination of high quality. The company has been working on the Russian market for over 5 years, producing products with an original design. Only Firezo bio-fireplace give a special sense of comfort and luxury, filling the space with soft light and the warmth of real, live fire.

You can order a biofireplace and an electric fireplace in our store, delivery is carried out worldwide!

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